Powershell : Voice Enabled System Health Check at User Logon

I really like when my Machine talks to me, So I thought about this automation – Why not to run a full system health check every time you log onto your machine and feed the information collected to Speech API to narrate us the complete system health.

Trust me its fun, and makes you feel a bit cool ( ~ atleast to me 😉  ) .

I made small functions to collect system hardware and other required information like –

1. System Uptime
2. CPU Utilization
3. RAM Utilization
4. Battery Status
5. Disk Free Space Information
6. Faulty services
7. Some Logicacl info from Events Logs


and whatever you think that can be added to this list, ( ~ Just try not making the list too big and a never ending health check 🙂 )

Now create a SAPI object and feed the data you’ve collected above in its Speak function.

You can easily specify the sequence in which you want your Script to narrate the system health information.


This is it, you can run this script on demand or best way to schedule the script in the Task scheduler to run every time you or any other user logs on to a machine, in following manner –

Set the Task to be triggered when the any user logs on to your machine.


And to run the Powershell script to begin all the fun 🙂


Click on below link highlighted in GREEN to Auto-Download the complete Powershell script

COMPLETE SCRIPT : Check-SytemHealth

Hope this will be fun for you, like it was for me 🙂
Happy Reading Folks 😀


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