PowerShell : Give Voice to Your Outlook Calendar

Speaking Calendar’s ..!

Yes, Powershell can enable us to listen to our Outlook Calendar items, in an easy to understand and well structured Format.

Heavy Calendar Users are going to love this , again to achieve the purpose my favourite SAPI (Speech API) comes into play.


STEP 1 : Invoke Outlook API and create Outlook objects to access the Calendar Namespace.


STEP 2 : Filtering Today’s Calendar Items and and Data Mining desired properties


STEP 3 : Create SAPI (Speech API) objects


STEP 4 : Traverse all Calendar Items and Collate them into a Meaningful and Structured Feeder string.


STEP 5 : Feed the Feeder String to the SAPI Speak() Method ( ~ and then Relax and let SAPI do it for you 😉 )

NOTE : Your Outlook must be running while you run this script.

Click on below link highlighted in GREEN to Auto-Download the complete Powershell script

COMPLETE SCRIPT : Listen-Calendar

Hope you find it useful, Thanks for Stopping by and Happy Reading Folks! 🙂


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