PowerShell : Your own ‘Cmdlet of the Day’ Script.

They say – ” Success is nothing but, Accumulated Small Victories over a long period of time”.

So when it comes to Powershell, learning small things (~ Small Wins) each day over period of time, could make you real good at Powershell, hence a script for all those Learners out there.


Script runs Get-Help and filter out one random Cmdlet, then some cleaning and refining is done to display Cmdlet of The Day in a customized syntax with Description and Examples into the Powershell console.


Just Suggestions.

You can copy-paste the function into your PowerShell profile and start your learning next time you open your PowerShell host

Or, just Paste the batch file on the desktop and keep double clicking it whenever you’re free ( ~ Like I do, just for Fun 😉 )


Following is the code –


On execution function will generate output something like in the below screenshot

cmdletof the day

Hope you enjoyed reading and find it useful. #GoScripting 🙂


3 thoughts on “PowerShell : Your own ‘Cmdlet of the Day’ Script.

  1. you can call this script in your $profile, so that i will automatically give you an random cmdlet whenever you open the powershell session instead keep clicking the cmd file🙂


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