Powershell : Find-UnsecureWifiConnection’s Nearby

Hello Reader!

Right now I’m sitting in a Cafe near my place, where I spend most of my weekends and was going through few of my old Powershell scripts, I saw the one which I’m sharing right now because it works well in public places, with lots of people 😀

So today we’re looking it a quick script to Identify Unsecure WiFi Connection nearby you.

Yes unsecure! that means without a password in an automated fashion 😉



To make it work is a 4 step Process –

  1. Find all Nearby Wifi connections and their properties using Netsh command.
  2. Convert the results from step one to Powershell objects, and filter out Open WiFi’s (Without Password)
  3. Log results to a File with Timestamps
  4. Display a Balloon notification in system tray



There two ways to run the script –

  1. Run it On demand, whenever required by executing it in any Powershell host.
  2. Schedule the script execution in Task Scheduler to run it every 5 mins (Preferred approach



Purpose is NOT stealing your neighbor’s WiFi data 🙂 !! But, I wrote this script just for fun 😉 and to educate people to at-least keep a password on their WiFi.

Infact I just called out a name of Guy who was flaunting his open Wifi on his Iphone 😀 later got weird looks from him across the cafe.


Hoping you’ll find it fun!! 🙂 Happy weekends!

Prateek Singh

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