Query Port Information using Powershell

Have you ever googled a port number to figure out what service uses it? I think every system administrator must have done this. But what if there are a lot of port to search?
So I thought giving it try with PowerShell if we can use the shell to pro-grammatical get port information of lots of port numbers.… Read More Query Port Information using Powershell


Powershell Auto Mute, when headphones are accidently unplugged.

Do you know mobile phones have an inbuilt feature to Auto mute a playing song/music, if by mistake you plug out your earphones from the jack, that prevents your phone to keep playing the music on speakers, which could be quite embarrassing in some surroundings and situations, but unfortunately we don’t have such a feature available on our desktops/laptops 😦
And I was victim of such an embarrassing situation a few days back, So I thought why not to look for a solution available to fix this for me? Really I didn’t care much about finding one but was more interested in making one with Powershell! :)… Read More Powershell Auto Mute, when headphones are accidently unplugged.