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My name is Prateek Singh , I’m 26 years old small town boy, with big dreams (I mean really BIG !) . I find Programming & Technologies fascinating, and spend most of my time working on my own creative projects which is so much fulfilling to me 🙂 .

I’ve started this blog to feed my creative muscle, to quench my thirst to learn ( ~sounds selfish 😀 ) and to provide a destination of simplified and decoded information technology to people enthusiastic about technology like me.

I’m in the information technology (IT) industry,  formerly working as Windows Server Engineer and now mostly into Scripting and Automation related development. I’m a big fan of Microsoft’s Windows PowerShell, a product that’s included with their Windows operating system and which is designed to facilitate the automation of IT administration and operations.

But, Lets go to beginning,

My first hands on with real technology was when I was 16 on HTML, which is one of the core technology for creating webpages on internet.
I was fascinated how the output changed by just changing the text and tags in the source file, more challenging it became more fun it was.
I still remember how it felt when I identified a bug in my code and was able to execute it as desired and I get the same sense of accomplishment till date.

During school and graduation I was lucky enough to come across more technologies and programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, XML, XSLT,  JSP, ASP.Net, Java Script, AJAX, CSS and many more, but landing with information technology industry after my graduation halted my true passions, but luckily I came through an emerging Microsoft Technology Powershell and I jumped to mainstream again, since then I’m just looking forward and willing to share my learnings with people and vice-versa.

I believe Everyone has a Role to perform and his bit to create & share something original with the worldthis is just an effort for the same.

Thank you for stopping by!
Prateek Singh

Following are some notes of appreciation ( Pure ❤) from people who read content I create & share  – http://wp.me/P5FyY4-1a3 )


11 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. HI Prateek,
    Do you know any good resources for Data analysis, statistical analysis or ML, AI for PowerShell?
    it seems that PowerShell can handle text and format data, but rarly development at Data Science area.



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