Powershell Tutorial

Powershell is simple, but not easy. Only way to make it easy is to explore and practice.

Following study material is structured in a fashion to lead your baby steps towards a strong foundation, Happy learning !

Chapter 1 :  Don't Fear the Shell
Chapter 2 :  An Introduction to PowerShell
Chapter 3 :  Customize the Shell, Your shell your way ;)
Chapter 4 :  Command your Cmdlet's
Chapter 5 :  PowerShell HELP System
Chapter 6 :  Pipelines Explained, Part-1
Chapter 7 :  Pipelines Explained, Part-2
Chapter 8 :  Powershell Providers
Chapter 9 :  Powershell Drives
Chapter 10:  Powershell Obejcts and its Usage
Chapter 11:  Discovering Command's in Powershell

more topics to come soon . . .

Friends, Please feel to share any topics in the comments below, you want me to write for you. It would be a pleasure 🙂

One thought on “Powershell Tutorial

  1. I have automatically login to the website using power shell but i have to browse and select the file and then i can upload the file to website. Could you please help in this.Thanks


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