PowerShell : Spell checking and Rectifying Spelling Mistakes


Today we’ll see how we can use PowerShell to Spell check Strings passed as parameter, to Identify spelling mistakes and Rectify those spelling mistakes.


This is possible with help of a  RESTful API Offered by Microsoft, known as Spell Check API , which is part of  Microsoft Project Oxford.

If you follow my blog, you must be aware that I’m a big fan of Microsoft API’s because of there usability and ease to access.I’ve covered many of the Microsoft ProjectOxford’s APIs in my previous posts.


Spell check API is capable to –

  1. Identify Unknown or Misspelled words.
  2. Identify Repetitive words in a string.
  3. Remove Special characters and punctuations marks from the string.
  4. Identifies Nouns (Like Name, City, Country) and make the first Alphabet in Upper Case.
  5. Provide Suggestions to replace misspelled words in  in a sentence,  like in the below screenshot.



Following  image will give you an idea how my code works and what are the steps involved.



Click Here to go to my GitHub gist to get the code.


Follow the below animation and explore how to use the script.


Please Like\Comment if you find it fun 🙂 and share you valuable insights, to make this script better .. Catch you guys later, ciao!


5 thoughts on “PowerShell : Spell checking and Rectifying Spelling Mistakes

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