Powershell : Get example Sentence’s for a Word using Web scraping on online dictionary


Everybody comes across a word that you don’t understand how to use it in a sentence, I face this often as I do ton of readings. normally I would have done a simple google search, let’s suppose for the word “Elixir”, which will give me few websites with sentence examples.


I would have opened one of these websites and got the example sentences, but I noticed some uniformity in data presentation and the URL on a website yourdictionary.com, upon inspecting the source code I easily traced out the HTML Tags in which data was enclosed.


Hence, I thought why not harvest this website’s data (Data Scraping) and get all sentences for a word.


To implement this solution using Powershell, I identified the HTML Tag in which data was residing and its class (“Li_Content”) to filter exactly the sentences I want.

Once I had the sufficient information a simple Invoke-Webrequest to the site with my query word (“Elixir”) following the URL  did most of the work

Invoke-WebRequest "http://sentence.yourdictionary.com/Elixir" 

Then some data wrangling on the HTML tag and class to extract the sentences, which would look like in the following image



Run the function ‘Get-Sentence‘ with your word and use -WordLimit parameter to control the length, or -Count parameter to number of sentences


You can also use -HighlightWord switch to make highlight the Word you queried in each sentence.


Following animation also demonstrate how to run the function



Have fun exploring this script and Enjoy you weekend Powershell homies 🙂

Prateek Singh




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