Get-Quote using Powershell


Hey Everyone, hope you guys are good!

Today’s blog post is to data harvest / Web scrape Quotations from the internet in your Powershell host.

But, why the hell I’d need Quotes in PowerShell console?

C’mon! because I’m a “Reading Quotes every morning” type of the guy 🙂 and I know many of you too like reading them. I daily spent some time reading quotes and I feel motivated, so thought it won’t be a bad idea to get Quotes directly in your PowerShell console





Run the function like I did in the animation below and it pulls Quotes from the internet depending on the parameter you choose and value you provide.


You could also, put this function in your $Profile , randomized with Keywords like Motivation, Success, Genius, Love and get Quotes every time you launch an instance of  Powershell host.


Have fun, stay motivated and keep your game going 🙂 Signing off.



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